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Patreon: Another Vegan Cooking Blog

Hello, my name is Najia and I run a vegan and vegetarian recipe blog over at @najia-cooks!

I’ve experienced frustration with a lot of other vegan cooking blogs, either because they used substitutions for eggs and dairy that were unnecessarily complex or out of the common way, because they showed poor cooking technique (pro tip: don’t add in your spices last!), or because their recipes just weren’t very flavourful. With a mind to avoiding these problems, my blog has:

  • Simple vegan substitutions that work! My recipes are also often easily unveganisable by the same token.
  • Recipes that are suitable for people with no cooking experience, with clear explanations and pictures.
  • Filling meals with lots of vegetables ranging from simple (vegetable cousous, curry, and fried rice) to more involved (vegetable pastilla and spinach tarts).
  • Things that are adequately spiced–I swear this to you on my honour as a brown girl!
  • Lots of vegan and veganised Moroccan food–a lot of food blogs make a hash of my national cuisine, but I try to keep my recipes as close to the real deal as possible.
  • Possible substitutions, alternate ways of going about things, conversions between dry and fresh herbs, and the like laid out for you so you don’t have to do additional research.
  • Tags for specific ingredients to make it easier to cook with what you have.
  • 0% of my life story.

Of course, doing all of this takes time, money, research, planning, and a lot of work, and I make all of my recipes available for free. Please consider pitching in to my patreon if you appreciate what I do, or if you’d like access to rewards including personal assistance and advice from yours truly, the ability to request specific recipes (haven’t been able to figure out how to make something vegan or how to make it taste like it should? pass the problem on to me!), and homemade food and baked goods sent directly to your very home!

Also consider donating or spreading the word if you appreciate the work I do sharing poetry, resources, thoughts, and music on my blog here @gothhabiba!