So I'm allergic to a lot of plant based t…

So I'm allergic to a lot of plant based things, is there still hope for me being vegan? (I can't have lettuce, chamomile(or its relatives), soy, corn, or wheat. Even some alternative sugars make me sick. A lot of vegan food I've tried has made me sick as well.) I'm starting to lose hope. I try to at least avoid buying leather/ect. and try to buy cruelty free products if I can.

Hi there anon!

It is totally possible to become vegan even with the allergies and health conditions that you currently have, it just takes a little bit more of work, but at the end is totally worth it!

Soy, corn and wheat are easily avoidable, there are plenty of grains and legumes that can substitute them and a lot of new processed products as well without those ingredients. In the case of lettuce and chamomile is the same, nature has gifted us plenty types of greens!

Don’t lose hope just yet, I know it’s difficult, maybe you just need a little push! I offer private consultations via Skype where we can see in detail those allergies and how to work with them, I’m also developing guides that are gonna be for sale at a very low price in case you might be interested! 

And thank you for also seeing that vegan is beyond diet, is amazing that even when you’re struggling with food, you’re putting attention to topics such as animal skin and beauty products! 🙌🏻💚